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Originally Posted by gabibeowulf View Post
Come on Leon, why did you have to give this away?? Oh well, if the cat is out of the bag.

For anyone who's sitting on the fence.. this is a good one. Grab it now, apply this and see the results. It's as close to a guaranteed win as it could ever get.

I purchased this earlier and briefly went through the PDF and videos. Good stuff, as usual (I've also purchased the Penny Clicks series).

Job well done, Leon :-)

Originally Posted by All About Results View Post

I have purchased from Leon in the past and as soon as I got his e-mail announcement that he would be releasing this WSO in November, I could not wait because I knew this would be great!! I even went so far as to write to Leon last month and asked him if I could order a copy early but he told me that he wasn’t even giving his JV Partners copies before the launch date. This is one of the only WSO’s that I marked on my calendar and got more excited with each passing day because now that I am on Leon’s list, I have become a big fan of this marketing master! 

Needless to say, I immediately ordered The Holy Grail of SEO as soon as I saw this thread and it definitely delivered as promised!!!

Leon truly does shows you exactly how writing as little as 400 words and placing them on the BAS...

If you are looking for a laser-targeted system that takes ten-minutes to implement and is extremely effective as it is easy than you will not regret ordering this WSO!
Originally Posted by skyro View Post
Got Leon other traffic wso penny per click 2.0 which was presented in a straight to the point clear manner and this one is no different. Good method with clear step by step videos to guide you through.
Originally Posted by WinsonYeung View Post
Hey Leon,

Just grab myself a copy of your Holy SEO, and I really like what you teaches!

There's no blackhat method involved and I don't need to worry that I might get myself ban from Google... Yet the method you teach about "piggyback" is just fantastic.

Especially when you have video case study to proof what you teach works.

Awesome work there!

Winson Yeung
Originally Posted by kindsvater View Post

I bought this WSO and have read the PDF report. I very rarely purchase WSOs as I have my own methods, but I had previously come across a free report from Leon that had an interesting twist so I thought this WSO might be worth picking up....

My friends, this is a gold nugget and I recommend you get the report. 

You don't have to do exactly what Leon has done, and you don't have to use the website he initially uses as an example. But what you do need to do is see it, understand, put your creative thinking cap on and go put a strategy to use for your business and niche.

I'll probably also request to be an affiliate of this report. If you're on my private list you know I almost never, ever, promote other people's products. Unlike most marketers my list is not for pimping affiliate offers on a daily basis, but promoting tried and true methods I have used and can vouch for to my close circle of friends.

Originally Posted by KBrown View Post
Killer guide Leon... thanks for hooking this up and at this price....

I Give You My "Rock On" Approval!


Rockin SEO~

Hurry! The price will Increase at anytime until...$?? 


60 days 100% money back guarantee.

Thanks for viewing!



Leon Tran



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